Let's put the finishing touches on your beautiful quilt!

Do you have quilt tops in your closets, on your shelves, or hanging out in your Work in Progress bin... just waiting for their turn to become a snuggly, well-loved quilt?

Do you dream of the day when you can finally pick up that extra special quilt and admire all your hard work?

As much as you CAN'T WAIT to gift that quilt or snuggle up with the other one, quilting it just hasn't happened yet.

It's time to change that once and for all!

You might feel overwhelmed thinking about quilting it on your domestic sewing machine.

There's so MUCH quilt to work with, how can I possibly get it all done without feeling like I just ran a marathon afterwards?

Or maybe... you have a solid plan for quilting it but it comes down to time. You have lots of other projects you can't wait to make and finishing your quilts keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.

And possibly, you looked into longarm services at your local quilt shop and almost went through with it. But the thought of giving your precious quilt to a total stranger just didn't feel right. *Cue the anxiety*

The truth is, it all just feels like a lot...

a lot of work, or a lot of time, or a lot of decisions!

I'm here to tell you - it doesn't have to be that way at all!

You've watched my tutorials, stitched up some projects with me, and maybe you've even spent time with me on Zoom or in our Stitch Sisters Inner Circle. We've had so much fun together!

And since we've come this far together. Why stop now?!

I'm so happy to announce that ISeeStarsQuilting now offers mail-in longarm machine quilting services for quilters who need a fast, convenient way to finish gorgeous quilts. 🌟

Choose one of many professional edge to edge quilting designs to compliment your quilt style.

Everyday value pricing start at $.033 cents per square inch with standard thread & patterns, and batting included.

I also offer add-on services to upgrade your longarm quilting order with additional services for the perfect five-star finish!

No more folding your gorgeous quilt top and mentally labeling "one day."

That day is today, sweet friend! Let's do this together!



What if my quilt isn't perfect?

( AKA - what if I am not good enough? )

Hey Quilter... no one has a perfect or flawless quilt! Seriously...

And I am NOT the quilt police. I'm your friend! So when I take in a quilt, I look it over and do what I LOVE to do - I add the perfect density of quilting to make everything that you have already worked on SHINE and GLOW! Professional longarm quilting really takes up the beauty of your quilt to a new level that you can be so proud of!


... isn't it really expensive?

( AKA - How much MORE money do I have to spend? )

Yes, It is true that longarm quilting services are not free - but it doesn't have to cost you a fortune either. A lot of quilters send their larger sized quilts out for quilting and quilt the smaller quilts on their home machines.

It is important to weigh your options and see what makes the most sense for you, your budget and your quilts!

Quick Pricing Estimation

This calculator will give you a good guess at the expected cost of longarm services.

Standard quilting

Dense quilting

Quilting Cost Estimate (without tax + extras)


As someone who understands the amount of time, effort, and love that goes into creating a beautiful quilt, I know how important it is to have the perfect finishing touches to complete your masterpiece!

That's where I come in! With years of experience and a background in design, I have the knowledge and expertise to transform your quilt top into a

stunning finished product.

My aim is to provide you with a seamless and stress-free experience, giving you the confidence that your quilt is in good hands!

I treat each quilt as if it were my very own.

I work with high-quality equipment and high quality materials to ensure that every stitch is precise and every detail is perfect.

Your quilt does not have to be perfect to absolutely SHINE! ✨

Trust me to add the final touches that will make your quilt stand out and be treasured for generations to come!

I would love to help you take your fabric projects and turn them into usable, cuddly quilts! Let's get those tops out of the closet and into the arms of those who will love and appreciate them for years to come! 🥰

Together we can knock out those unfinished projects and make them SHINE with professional quilting!


Tons Of Designs!

My longarm machine can create almost any design you can imagine! Take a look at my design library using the button below. If you love a design that I don’t own, let me know and I will find it for you!

Beautiful Stitches

My APQS machine has an awesome stitch regulator. This means it creates uniform stitches, lovely points, and flowing curves! The end result is beautiful stitches that show off your quilt design.

Fast & Easy

ASAP - My machine is much faster and easier than trying to quilt it yourself. Bonus: No shoulder and neck pain from shoving your quilt through your domestic machine!

I take care of it all!


FAQs About Longarm Quilting Services

What are the steps to get my quilt quilted?

1) Submit the order form and pay the $55 down payment to get on the ISeeStarsQuilting Longarm schedule. You'll be able to pick the week your quilt will be worked on right after your payment in processed.

2) Check your email. You'll receive instructions and all the need to know info plus a helpful checklist to get you and your quilt ready!

3) Fill out the quilt intake form and mail it in with your finished quilt!

4) Nothing else... I'll take it from here! I'll give you a call when I receive your quilt to let you know it arrived safely and go over any specific questions that you have, as well as add-on services you've chosen.

5) I'll send you an invoice for the remaining balance of your service plus return shipping costs.

6) After your quilt is finished, I'll let you know that your quilt is on the way back to you!

FAQ image

What is the turn around time on a quilt?

It really depends on how many quilts are ahead of yours. When your down payment is processed, you'll get the opportunity to choose the week on my schedule that I will work on your quilt. I try to mail all finished quilts out the following Monday.

Once you've booked your appointment, please go ahead and mail your quilt to ISSQ as soon as you are ready so that it can be kept safe and wait it's turn for the longarm machine.

Return times vary (especially around the holidays) but generally I try to keep any quilts in my "to-do" section as little time as possible. If I have the opportunity to get to your quilt quicker, I will and mail it back to you asap.

If you have a specific date that you need it by, please feel free to contact me before to make sure I have availability or choose the "fast-track" option on your Star Quilt Intake Form.

FAQ image

Is it really worth the money to pay for longarm quilting services?

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire out your quilting process to a longarm quilter, here are a couple of the biggest benefits and things to consider to make your decision.

If efficiency is important to you, then you’ll appreciate letting someone else take the reins freeing up your time to create more. The quilting process usually take 3-5 weeks depending on the season and how many quilts are in line ahead of you... but I try to ship them out as quickly as possible.

Having someone else with the machinery to take on the quilting is a huge benefit, especially when compared to how long it takes to hand or machine stitch a quilt at home (1-12 months). While hand stitching and quilting on your home machine may make sense for heirloom quilts and other special pieces, most quilters don’t have enough free time to hand sew all of their quilting projects.

If you have a busy schedule or time is tight, then professional longarm quilting services are ideal for you!

Quilt Size Freedom! Most home machines make the quilting process a little difficult because quilts are just big... Sewing large quilts require space and a machine that can handle a lot of fabric. Because of these limits, many hobbyists find their creativity limited to quilts of a certain size. Feel free to unleash your creativity and take on a large quilting project! My Longarm Quilt Machine can easily take on a giant king sized quilt without any problem! - but it also likes little baby quilts too ❤

Easy on your body: Quilting isn’t just a creative hobby, it can also be a physical exercise. Quilts, especially large ones, require lots of movement and strength to work on. For example, crawling on the floor to baste and pin layers together, stitching large areas, and the struggle of pushing a heavy quilt under the arm of a home sewing machine. If your back isn’t what it used to be, or you don’t have enough energy at the end of the day to take up your quilting project, then professional longarm quilting services are the solution for you. Longarm quilting enables you to experience the same creative fulfillment but without the labor and back strain. 

FAQ image

How much does professional longarm quilting cost?

I charge 0.033 cents per square inch. To figure out your particular project, multiply the length, by the width, by .033. For example: 68 x 72 = 4896 x .033 = $161.57. For small quilts, there is a minimum charge of $55.00 + Shipping.


EXTRA OPTIONAL SERVIES AND ADD-ONs: See down below for the other add-ons and extra services I provide for quilters!

FAQ image

I send in my quilt.... then what happens?

I live in Houston, Texas. When you send in your quilt and I receive it, I'll take a look at your quilt and measure it - then, I'll give you a personal phone call just to check in and let you know it made it safely!

On our call, we'll go through your intake form and you can ask me any questions about your quilt. We will talk about any add-on services that you requested and make sure we're on the same page!

I'll get to work and send you an invoice for the remainder of your quilting service invoice (minus the $55 down payment)Your quilt will be mailed back to you as soon as it is completed during the week that you reserved for your quilting service. The next time you hold it, it will be all finished and looking like a beauty! If you chose the Fast-Track service, your quilt will be on it's way back to you within 10 days.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email christen@iseestarsquilting.com

FAQ image

HELPFUL HOW TO: Choosing Machine Quilt Stitch Patterns & Thread

Choosing a beautiful machine quilting pattern is half the fun! I have many computerized machine quilting designs to choose from... everything from fun modern designs to the classic long arm quilting machine patterns like elegant swirls, brocade, feathers, and paisley, modern stipples, squares, and loops. If you have a specific design request, I will do my best to find it for you! There are so many machine quilt stitch patterns to choose from to make your quilt design truly shine. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DESIGNS OFFERED.

OR you can let me choose the quilting design for you! I have tons of experience and joy in choosing which designs will compliment each unique quilt... I would love to be a part of that process with you and take away the stress and overwhelm.

FAQ image

HELPFUL HOW TO: Prepare you quilt for mail in services/

When you send in your quilt to be machine quilted, be sure to include the backing of your choice that’s at least 10” wider than your quilt top on all sides so it can easily work with long-arm machine quilting.

USPS Priority shipping is what I have found to be the most convenient way to ship quilts quickly... but you are welcome to request whichever service you prefer.

You will also include a copy of your Star Quilting Intake Form in the shipping box with your quilt.

For batting, you have a choice of standard 80/20 Hobbs Batting or white 100% cotton. Batting is included with your machine quilting order for FREE!

FAQ image

What if I need it done ASAP?

If you need your quilt done asap, please contact me christen@ISeeStarsQuilting.com I'm happy to work with you and make sure that your quilt is completed in a time frame that works for you if I can.

I offer "Fast-Track Service" that will expedite the quilting process on your quilt. The total cost per square inch is $0.07

From the moment I receive your quilt until the moment it leaves my hands will be a guaranteed no more than a 10 day turn around. Please contact me before requesting this service so that I can make sure my schedule will accommodate your request.

FAQ image

What if I have more than 1 quilt to be quilted?

Yessssss! Look at you getting things checked off that to-do list! I'm happy to take care of your quilts for you!

Please go ahead and pay for your quilt down payment, and get on my calendar. After that, contact me by email and let me know that you have multiple quilts so I can block off my schedule for you and keep them together. Each quilt will need it's own Intake form and specific instructions.

I'm happy to ship them back in 1 box to save on shipping costs.

FAQ image

Can I use my own batting?

I do not accept batting that is not new in the package.

Because batting tends to be more costly to ship than what I am able to purchase it for, I stock a few options for you to choose from.

THERE IS NO UPCHARGE FOR USING MY BATTING. It is included in your quilting cost.

1) Hobbs 80/20 cotton/polly batting - which is a very popular and durable choice

2) Cotton White - Great for light colored quilts

If you have specific requests, please let me know. I can have you order newly purchased batting online and ship to my address, which tends to be more cost effective than shipping with your quilt.

FAQ image

Will you sew on the binding?

Yes, I can do the binding for you! Make things easy on yourself 🤩 You will need to include it with your quilt materials.

Prep: It needs to be cut at 3 inches wide, all sewn together so it’s one long strip, and pressed in half. There is a section on the Star Quilt Intake Form where you can note which extra services you would like to add (see below for more information)

Sew on the front only (you hand stitch on the back side of the quilt = + $0.12 cents per inch perimeter

Done for you Complete Machine stitch binding = + $0.25 cents per inch perimeter

I can sew your binding to the front side of your quilt and let you finish hand sewing it to the back of the quilt.

Or I can machine sew your quilt binding on and mail you back a completely finished quilt!

FAQ image

Can the front and back threads be different?

Yes! There are options on the Star Quilt Intake Form to choose your colors (or leave it up to me to choose for you!) I can use different thread colors for the top and bottom. There is no extra charge for different colored threads.

Variegated thread will be a $4 add on charge per quilt.

FAQ image

Do you take in T-shirt quilts?

Yes! Please make sure the T-shirts are stabilized and not stretched. I will not be able to properly quilt it if the fabric is not stabilized.

FAQ image

What other costs are involved?

The price for Standard Longarm Quilting Services is $.033 cents per square inch.

Fast-Track Service is a much quicker turn around time (10 days + shipping) and is $.07 cents per square inch

Add-on Services are optional, but include:

Binding sewn to the front (you hand sew on the back ( + $.12 cents per inch perimeter )

Binding completely done for you -sewn by machine by me ( + $.25 cents per inch perimeter )

Variegated Thread on top thread ( + $4 )

Quilt Trimming after quilting (+15 )

Piecing together backing Fabric ( + $10/seam)

Expedited Return Shipping ( Contact me beforehand and we can discuss shipping times/options )

FAQ image

What type of backing are acceptable?

Cotton and flannel are the most popular. Minky is also also good for backings, but you must send your minky fabric to me already pieced and ready to load on the machine at 10" wider and longer than your quilt top

You backing material needs to be at least 10 inches bigger in length and width than your quilt top to be loaded on the longarm machine.

I will send you a helpful checklist prior to mailing in your quilt so you can make sure it is ready!

FAQ image

Is Minky Fabric ok?

I get asked all the time if I accept quilts for long arm quilting with minky fabric for the back. The answer is a resounding YES! Minky makes the most soft and luxurious blankets. I have had very little trouble quilting minky backed quilts.

I do still recommend using a thin batting to give the quilt a little structure to it and keep the minky from getting too much stretch over time.

Because of the extra attention to detail and stretch that minky takes, there is a small upcharge on working with minky backed quilts.

* Please note that I am unable to bind your quilt with minky fabric

FAQ image

Will you piece my backing Fabric?

Yes - If you prefer to send in your backing fabric and have it pieced by me the charge is + $10/seam and please send in enough fabric to be 10" longer and wider than your quilt top.

I will not piece minky fabric for you. If you want to use Minky fabric as your quilt back, please send it already pieced and ready to load on the machine at 10" wider and longer than your quilt top

FAQ image

Do you have suggestions for shipping?

Yes! I have every single step listed for you to make it easy and seamless (also, cost effective so you don't spend a fortune on shipping!) I also include my suggestions for packaging and quilt prep instructions as well as a checklist to make sure everything is good to go!

FAQ image

Do you take on custom quilting requests?

At this time I am not accepting custom quilting projects. If I decide to take on custom projects, it will be displayed on the website.

FAQ image

Optional Add-On Services

Each of these options will be available on your Star Quilt Intake form.

  • Variegated Quilting Thread (+ $4)

  • Quilt Trimming (+ $15)

  • Binding Attach front side only (+ $.12 cents per inch perimeter)

  • Machine Binding done for you by Christen (+ $.25 cents per inch perimeter)

  • Piecing together backing fabric ( + $10/seam )

  • Expedited shipping (case by case basis, price of shipping company)


Only pay a $55 down payment today!

Submit your payment and I'll send you all the instructions and step by step details to get your quilt ready and sent to me!

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